ILLUMINATE will digitally fingerprint, decode and demystify food for everyone in order to promote transparency and reduce waste.

We’re building a world without misleading labels — where food can speak for itself, and tell us the real truth. ILLUMINATE is creating a data platform to become the first company to put the power of science and supercomputing in anyone’s hands to fingerprint, decode and demystify different types of food, to promote transparency in what we eat and to reduce waste.

Our Food is Opaque

Percentage of fish labeled 'red snapper' which is actually tilefish or tilapia
Percentage of imported extra virgin olive oil that failed to meet the international standard

“What if we could use a spectrometer to see just how nutritious each strawberry or avocado was before you tossed it in a bag?”

Smithsonian Online


Have you ever doubted your food?

We’re pushing for radical transparency in the food system.