Foodome enables a deeper understanding and predictive intelligence about our relationships with food.

Food isn’t one size fits all. Answering “What should I eat” sits at the ever-changing intersection of “What do I want to eat?” “What is good for me?” and “What’s around?” The decision is weighted by our perspective at that moment: mood, diet, taste, price, availability and social context. Our “social food recommendation machine” is an application that utilizes our big data analytics platform Foodome as its engine, and our food database from Ingredient1 as its source. This AI-fueled, human-mediated system guides individuals — based on personal food identities that we derive — to better understand and control their food choices at any given moment.

Helping people make confident food choices

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The size of Ingredient1’s food & ingredient database is 3x compared to the USDA’s

Food decisions you make every day

Pecent of people ages 13 to 32 that regularly post pictures of what they eat on social media

“Our job is to use machine-human collaboration to remove the chaos from finding the right food for you to eat, wherever you are.”

Taryn Fixel,
Founder of Ingredient1


Do you really know what you should be eating, really?

We’re figuring out how to help people navigate the sea of complexity in the most personal ways.