Food + Future was born in 2016 as a collaboration between IDEO, Target, and the MIT Media Lab.

We all wanted to try something different. Is it unrealistic to think that radical collaborations and transparency can fix what entire industries and governments have failed to solve in the food system for generations? Perhaps. What we do know is that the food systems of tomorrow won’t be designed for us, they’ll be designed by us. Already, our triad has become a vast network, and large, loud actions are colliding with small, quiet voices to complement, and even amplify, one another. Join us in our journey.

Upcoming Events


Design & Tinker Night #2: Local Startup Challenge

We will introduce the community to a local early-stage food startup that is hustling to change the world but facing a critical design challenge. Our goal is for the community to "invest" in this startup with their creativity, design, tinkering and hacking skills to help it start to overcome this barrier! All are welcome! No technical expertise required.

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Salon: Food + Future x Bitten // On Transparency

Food + Future and Bitten join forces to facilitate an evening salon "On Transparency" in food and beyond with conversations, presentations and audience engagement.

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Your Food Community Event

Are you part of the food innovation community and looking for a venue to host an event that aligns with with the Food + Future mission? We would love to collaborate! Our HQ is large, centrally located, and versatile and we want it to be a hub for the the community to gather and take action. Click “learn more” to email us your name, contact information, and idea. We’ll follow-up with you.

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